DMAS has released an updated statement regarding the recent LTSS screening process changes. To reiterate: physicians may sign screening packets without the training (see DMAS bulleting from June 6). Read the updated statement below.

DMAS is aware that the recent implementation of enforcement of the LTSS screening process for nursing facility admissions has caused confusion among both hospital and nursing facility providers.  This statement is intended to clarify two important issues that have come up:

  1. DMAS issued guidance in a June 11, 2019 Medicaid Bulletin (attached) which provided an exemption for physicians from completing the screening training until a training module has been developed specific to the physicians’ role in the screening as final signatory authorizing Medicaid LTSS.  For now, physicians may sign screening packets without the training (see attached DMAS bulletin).
  2. While the screening manual provides hospital screening teams up to three (3) days post discharge to complete the screening for certain individuals, DMAS is conducting research to ensure that the flexibility for the hospitals to wait 3 days to complete the paperwork does not conflict with federal law (CFR §483.20(k)) that requires the PASRR (DMAS 95 – part of the full screening) to be completed prior to the nursing facility admission.  Nursing facilities are also required to have reviewed a completed screening for anyone who has not met an exemption reason for the screening prior to admission to the nursing facility.  As such, the three (3) day extension to complete the screening is no longer compatible to the LTSS screening procedures.  If DMAS determines that this option violates federal law, actions will be taken to remove that language from the manual and regulations.  In the interest of clarity and for the good of the patients involved, DMAS is requesting that hospitals complete the screening prior to discharge and ignore the three (3) day language in the manual.